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Dulling Bow Finish

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Jack Denbow:
Gun, you might try those Scotch Bright pads. That is what I use on my personal arrows. I get mine from Lowes, but I would think you should be able to get them from any paint store. I like the way things look when using the pads vs steel wool.

I’ve used the ultra fine scotch pads for years and they are fine for hitting finish between coats, but I wouldn’t use them to tame a gloss finish down. The  0000 steel wool is the way to go for giving you a hand rubbed satin finish. After you rub it down use a cotton rag to polish it. You won’t damage your finish rubbing it down by hand. Been doing it for many years….

I use a high gloss auto clear coat to spray all my bows, but I spray a fine Matt finish which gives it the satin look. Occasionally it’s a bit too shinny and can be easily rubbed out.   The last thing I’d do is spray a satin poly over an existing finish…. You are just looking for problems there….


Crooked Stic:
YeahI been using 0000 for years on Krystal. Witch is not a super hard finish.

I scuff with 0000 steel wool followed by a quick spray of satin lacquer to full the shine from truoil. It works well for me.


Thanks guys. I'll give the steel wool a shot first and see how it looks


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