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What makes a bow unique

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With there only being so many was to shape a laminate bow form what makes a bow "your bow"? Must you design the shape yourself even though it could be very similar to others. Or is it the workmanship that goes into making it?

Mad Max:
I like curves, I have spent many hours on my CAD drawing bows to find what Cranks my Tractor.
This one does it for me. :jumper:
Look at all 3 photos.
Not to crazy about the grip :dunno:

Kirk's limbs bend like this pretty much :bigsmyl:

Mad Max:
It's all in the way you shape your riser and/or the way the limbs bend.

All the same bow , but I can add a insert to the form or take it out to make it look different.

That's pretty cool!

I always wanted to have a contest among a dozen experienced bowyers to see who could build a TD bow with the best performance with everyone using the same limb form.  The bowyer can change the length of the limb , move the stops, skies the limit on taper rates and wedges, and put what ever riser they want.

I’m quite certain we would end up with 12 different bows from 12 different bowyers that had a 20 FPS spread in arrow speed at the same GPP arrow weight.

I always thought that might be fun to do…. :biglaugh:

My point being…. You can get a dozen different bows with completely different characteristics out of the same form shape just by sliding the limb one way or the other in the form, changing up wedge lengths, taper rates, tip notch locations, limb pad angle, and riser shape.

On top of that … start changing up materials used, and things get different results again…..  bottom line is….. it is the bowyer that makes the bow unique, not the shape of the form.      Kirk


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