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Black locust flat bow 60# at 28”

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I’m finally getting around to posting this one. I made it at the Walk Back in Time event in Mexico, MO a few weeks back, so it got looked and and handled by quite a few people while I was building. I could do everything short of shooting it in as there wasn’t any good spot for me to shoot at the site. It turned out a decent bow. A little hand shock but nothing harsh. I chalk it up to not enough bend in the outer 1/3 of the limbs. I decided against heat treating as the set was only an inch after tillering g and shooting. Mixed with that the stave had some punky wood in the center that I just got rid of by the time I roughed out the stave. You can still see a little staining in the solid wood from the punky spots. But no frets and not much set. The limbs are 2” wide from fade to mid limbs, 28” from end of fades to nicks, handle is 4” and fades are 3”. I decided to file in a shelf on the one and made the handle wrap so it butts up even with the shelf. It’s not fast but is a style that should be very stabile. I chronographed 700gr arrows at 145fpa from my shorter 27” draw, 600gr at 155fps and 550gr at 160fps. Those numbers are rounded a smidge but are a good average of what I was seeing.

Thanks for looking


Mad Max:
Nice Kyle :bigsmyl: :archer2:

Pat B:
Very nice black locust bow.  :thumbsup:

love your tip overlays.... She's got a nice bend to her too. :thumbsup:

Thanks guys! I’m happy with how this one turned out for how little time I’ve had to work on bows this year.



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