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My wife asked what I wanted for my birthday coming up. I've been wanting to make a self bow for a long time. This winter will be the time. So I'm hoping you guys can help me get a list of items needed for finishing the job. If you would like to recommend a specific tool (like a specific draw knife) that would be helpful.

I'll be making hickory bows as my property is full of hickory and I really don't like the tree so it will please me to cut them down and get some other use out of them other than fire wood.

Thank you.

Pat B:
For a draw knife I'd go to an antique/junk store or flea market and pick up an older draw knife generally for about $20. A new one of comparable quality would cost you over $100. Just be sure the edge isn't pitted. A little rust otherwise shouldn't be a problem. A farriers rasp, for hogging off wood are about $20 new unless you know a farrier and if so the rasp would probably be free or pretty cheap. A set of cabinet scrapers from Lowe's, Home Depot or ACE Hdwe. A small ax can be helpful and a vice of some kine is almost necessary. With these tools you can build a bow.
 I't's too bad you didn't cut the hickory during the growing season so you could just peel the bark off. This time of year the bark holds on tight and will be a bear to remove.
 I'm sure others will have suggestions also.

Mad Max:
Radford- Is your Hickory already cut and dry.
Could be a year until you could make a bow

Some of it I felled in the spring. Most is standing. I read once hickory could be used green. Is that not true?

Mad Max:
Hickory needs to be dry, I said 8 to 10% but Pat B said 12 or14% I THINK??
Dead Hickory wood I don't think that is any good also--Pat B??


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