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Bow Bender:
Since the old "Build Along" in the archive section on the index page doesn't work, I am starting a thread where a link to past, present, or future Build Alongs can be posted.  If you have previously posted a Build Along or know of a Build Along just post the Trad Gang link to it in a reply here. Don't use this thread to post an entire Build Along, just post a link here otherwise that would fill up several pages.  In the reply put a brief description of what the Build Along is so the link doesn't have to be clicked on to see what it is.  It doesn't have to be limited to bows, it can be a link to anything that shows how to make something useful.  If this works out it possibly could be moved to the top to make it easy to find.  So if you have nothing better to do you can do some searches and and find those long forgotten Build Alongs and post the links here and get it going.  :archer2:

  Thanks, Royce.

Bow Bender:
This is an example of what I think is a great build along.   :bigsmyl:

Bamboo backed osage.

Good info here about speed testing.

This legal?

This is Kenny’s idea and it works very well. Spring loaded stop pins at end of bowform. I used 6mm steel rod and drilled a slightly larger hole in the form and loaded it with a spring from a ball point pen.


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