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2021 Bow Swap Progress Thread - Complete

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Reminders: :deadhorse:
- Sign-up closes 25 Jan
- Victims assigned and PM'ed NLT 31 Jan @ 8pm AKST
- Official build period 27 Jan - 4 June
- Grace period 5 June - 5 July
- Minimum one post per week starting 1 Feb
- You must post a full draw picture with your new bow once received

Alright, y'all are officially off the leash.  Good luck and have fun!  :archer2:

Well, since Rody is in, I have located a fully rotten 2x4 down by the creek.  :biglaugh:

Roy from Pa:
Well stick it in your form...

Gonna take extra glue ...

Roy from Pa:
Just put them gwass bubbles in the glue...

Took this out of the form yesterday, may use it for the swap bow, may not.

Glued up a riser almost like them gwass bow guys make:)
Can't remember what the darker wood is, brain fart..
Center wood is curly maple.

Glued up tip overlays too, buffalo horn and curly maple.

Used EA40 for riser and tips.


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