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2018 season so far


Well, how's the season going.
 I've seen plenty of sign, bear,deer,elk and cat but no animals to go with it. Seeing coyotes on the trail cams.
 Spent a few days near priest lake, nuthin, a few days around spirit lake, zip. Now i plan on going on a 4 day camp trip up the CDA river next week outside the unit 4 cow elk zone.
 Hope everyone is doing well and having luck.

keep at it kevin something will happen if u keep trying.

i managed to call in a hunter opening morning then a raghorn with a cow that evening.

next day found us face to face with 5 cows while the nice big bull stayed in the brush.

then on 9-11 i called in and killed a little 4x5.

spent rest of week helping my grandson but to no avail. if he could judge distance in the
heat of the moment he would have filled his tag too.

Nice durp, good to here you got one and getting to spend time with the grand kids.
 I think I'm switching to coyotes for a little bit. Seeing mostly yotes and little to nothing else on some trail cams so I figure why not help the deer out.

good idea !!! been thinking about filling my doe tag but dont want to cut more meat for awhile lol


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