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2018 shoots.

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Thought I'd knock the cobwebs off here.
 Anyone have shoot plans for this yr ?
 Not just local but state or country wide.
 I plan on hitting the western States trad rendezvous.
 Looking at the Rock shoot in a couple weeks over in Washington.
 Just wondering

No one going to any shoots I guess.
 Well how bout spring hunting, Im getting ready for some turkey on hoodoo mtn.  I know of a bear bedding area up the coeur d alene river, might give that a try as well.  Never really done much of either.
 How bout y'all , any spring plans.

Jesse Minish:
Not sure what shoots I will hit this year. Definitely going after turkey and bear.

Hey Jesse. Good to hear from you.
 I'm definitely going to the western States trad shoot next month in new Meadows Idaho, pretty sure I'll hit the local shoots too.
 Looking forward to some turkey hunting myself if the rain will ever let up so I can finish building a chicken coop I've been working on the last few weeks.
 Hope to meet you some day. Shoot straight. Kevin

Jesse Minish:
Sent you a PM.


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