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Crooked Stic:
Here are a couple. I just redone this TD form. The old one had a lot of limbs run thru it and was showing it. Now I have this adjustable restraint for ! 1/2 forms to keep the pressure off the bolt holes.
And a tip overlay jig that can be used with a profile sander or Robo sander to pre bevel the overlays.

Now that's what we need Mike!! This kind of stuff helps everybody!  :thumbsup:     :thumbsup:

Crooked Stic:
I got to thinking about your spring loaded pin there. If you could find a metal sleeve to about the right id for your dowell to put in there it would be bomb proof.

That would be excellent for you guys who use a form a lot for sure! I'm using an arrow cutoff, so the bigger diameter helps and I only build prob 5 bows a year.  Usually.  Maybe.

jess stuart:
Great tips guys.  If you are like me you do everything possible to keep your bandsaw blade away from fiberglass.  One way I stay away from glass is to cutout the sight window before I glue up the bow.  I just wrap it with plastic wrap and put it back in place removing it later. Been doing it that way for years never had one stick so far. Only possible drawback is that it predetermines which limb is which but, that is easily accounted for by adjusting stack height if needed.


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