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Thought we might start a thread with building tips, here is one to start for glass TD bow forms.

If you use a stop pin, drill an oversized  hole  deeper and put a spring under your pin to let it come up to the level of the limb thickness.

Put the limb against the pin(plastic on form of course)and the pressure strip can run right over the pin.

It adjusts itself to limb height so no slipped lams over the pin.




Kenny .......

That is a good idea but a little complicated for me. I use a couple of 5/8" sprig nails to hold the core to the riser.


James, this is my takedown form, it would be a little harder with a one piece!

But you gotta have a stop pin on this form anyway, so I thought why not make it where it doesn't let lams slide over the top of pin .

And I noticed on the first set of limbs, the very end of the stack at wedge was rounded over a little, and didn't fit the riser pad as nicely as I wanted, so I put some shims past the pin from the stack to keep the hose and pressure strip  from pulling down as much and rounding over. Hope that made sense!!

Anybody else got any  methods we can use?


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