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Terry thank you for letting us know! $3500 holy smokes.

thanks for heads up - these guys make me sick!!

I had a situation where a guy cheated me out of $10,000 I took him to court won a judgement and he turned around and filed bankruptcy. I then couldn't do anything. I showed up to his hearing and it did no good. Just beware when spending any large amount of money.

Real Buckmaster:
I would like to say I have traded a few and bought a few, All were very pleasing to deal with. It just take one sour apple.

I got taken a couple times or the 2nd time I'm still not sure,,, moderators here handled one of the times for me and I did get my money back and the person is STILL on the scammers list which means the moderators weren't playing around but there was another time I sold a bow then the person said the bow broke and wanted his money back so I asked for picture of the bow and did refund then a buddy at work said the picture they sent was a photo shop and it wasn't even the same colors on the delaminated limbs in the picture it just looked weird but I couldn't prove it and just hope it wasn't true and moved on..

so yes be careful refunding money or trading back bows too.

EDITED in --> I forgot to mention that other than my couple things I have had nothing but good experiences here maybe over 100 deals all good, and many good conversations, made some new friends, and learned of some new hunting spots.


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