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ron w:
TTT....just because!

mark stella:

A $3500 riser? I'd like more details, not on the scammer and his naive buyer, but on the riser. Embedded with ivory, turquoise and gold flecks? Carved from mammoth tusk?

Some of those early Bear takedowns are rather rare and have been going up in price.  When folks see what big dollars they are bringing, it's tempting to try something foolish.  

It pays to know the merchandise, but sometimes it's better to know the seller.

Shane Reed:
Pcg. It was a stickbowman signed type 1 a riser. It had holes and buyer was not happy, nor could he obtain a refund from seller. It's not uncommon for such an item to bring that kind of money in nice shape. I know this because I purchased one in April, and know the sale price on a few others. The people that Terry is mentioning Will more than likely be at Denton Hill. Look over every purchase carefully. Just a word to the wise.


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