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Hi all a new member here.

Does anyone have any formula's for making laminations for fiber glass backed long bows and take down long bows.

I want to start making my own laminations but can't find any formula's.

I would prefer the laminations to be 1 parallel and 1 taper for the long bows and 2 tapers for the take down.

Thanks in advance.

Glenn Newell:
That's a bit of a hard one Kanga as there are so many variables. A lot depends on if the bow is straight laid, amount of reflex-deflex and the species of timber you use for your laminations will throw formulas out. Once you have made your form about the only thing you can do is lay a few bows up but always keep very good records of everything you do with the laminations and riser lengths and you will come up with your own formulas by trial and error...Glenn...

Thanks Glenn

Hey Russ,
Maybe this will help.

I've got some info here on the easiest way to make forms I've found..

Good luck with your project,its a blast!!  :thumbsup:

Thanks Kenny that will give me a good starting point.

I already have my forms and heat box made.


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