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Long String Draw Weight vs Braced

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On my current project I have long strung the bow to just under a normal brace higth (approx 6") to see how even the bend is.  Satisfied with that I checked the weight of the bow while pulling the limbs the same distance.  It is not too much less, 4 or 5 lbs., than what I want in a finished bow at full draw.  It appears to me that this needs quite a bit of belly removal, or trapping the boo on the back.  What should I expect in weight if it were to be braced with a short string as it is?  I have a tendency to get too agressive with a heavy bow and turn it into a kid's bow.  So if you can give me an better idea of what I should expect I would really appreciate it.

Pat B:
I would think the braced weight would be similar to the long string weight...the tiller won't.  Is your tiller even at 6"? If so, go ahead and brace it low, 3" to 4" and check tiller first and if it is OK then check your weight.     Pat

There isn't a lot of difference in long string compared to short, as long as the long string isn't too long, the leverage changes as the string gets longer and that can foll ya. I try to keep my long tiller string as short as I can.

George Tsoukalas:
I use this method. I tiller out to 10 in. with the long string and check weight with a scale. I never draw more than 5# pastfinal target weight.  At 10 inches of string movement with the long string the stave will be 10# over target weight. More on my site. Jawge

Ken Allen:
George, Would that method work with a deflex/reflex bow also?


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