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Never give up on a stave or billets

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Eric Krewson:
I posted this on another site but thought it might be of intrest to some here.

I have a bunch of less than stellar osage, great rings but firewood to most people. I tried to sell four billets of this osage for $35 and had no takers, thought about giving it away but ended up stacking it up in the corner of my shop for 5 years.

I developed a lot more bow making skills over the years and decided to chase a grain on one of the billets just to see what was under the bark. Eureka! Snakey wood! I chased a grain on two of the billets and got out my heat gun.

Here is what I started out with, dogleg and lots of propeller.


After two weeks of heating and straightening I finally got a center line lined up.


The finished result, never give up.


Skinny Little Runt:
Eric, your skills amaze me. Talk about making a silk purse!! The reflex BBO you made up for me I think five years ago still Is not showing any string follow. That bow is aging better then I am! LOL

Nice job Eric, I have a similar stave I have been working on. We shall see if mine turns out as nice as yours.

Nice bow Eric, great rings and clean wood can make up for a lot of other "defects".

Getting a little string follow myself Dano.

Wow, I really need to try a Osage stave... When I get some money I will. Eric great job so far... I can't wait to see the finished bow.


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