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Pluck Yew:
Hey, A cabnet maker friend of mine gave me some cherry and oak boards cherry is 70" and some 63" oak about 4 0f each..does cherry make good bow wood and what should I back it with? I was thinking maybe I could back cherry with oak and oak with cherry.. in a perfect world..have I had to many home brews??  :scared:    :jumper:  


hickory would be better for backing, So would bamboo.

Pat B:
Actually maple or elm might be your best option for backing cherry. Neither are as strong in tension as hickory and not even close to boo so, especially for a new bowyer, maple or elm would be my pick. White oak might also be fine for backing cherry.
   A simple cloth backing will help hold a cherry bow together if that is what you are looking for.       Pat

Pluck Yew:
Thanks, friend has several maple boards he offered me..they are trim boards that are 8'x6"x1"..he needs 1 1/4"ripped off them then I can pick up the left over 4 3/4"... I,m lucky to have this wood and will experiment with it but would hate to screw it up..advice is welcome and appreiated...  :jumper:


You will need to back the cherry but it makes a very nice bow. I have made several backed with rawhide and they are good shooters.


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