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Shaving Horse - Do I need one?

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Hey guys.  I see the other thread about the shaving horse and have a question.  I don't currently have one and have never used, or seen, one.  As it is, I'm always struggling to find a way to hold my wood while I'm working on it... ESPECIALLY when I'm really trying to "hog" the wood off.  I'm, somewhat, satisfied with the setup I'm using when the wood gets to the tillering stage.  Question is... is a shaving horse a good tool for using w/ drawknife when cutting to get a LOT of wood off in a hurry??? Or is it mainly for the finer shaving when tillering, etc?

Pat B:
Hickry, A shaving horse is an excellent bow making tool but not necessary. I don't use mine for hogging off bark and wood. I do that on a big bench vice. I use my horse mostly for tiller work. The original shaving horses were used to reduce wood for different projects. It would work for hogging off wood but I prefer a well planted vice.     Pat

John Scifres:
A stable bench, a quality vise, a sharp drawknife and good technique are more effective than brute force when you need to move a lot of wood fast.  A bandsaw is even better.  

I had a shaving horse when I first started making bows and only used it rarely.

  A shave horse is not a must, a vice will hold a stave better any day of the week.

Some of us just like the shave horse, something to do with traditional maybe.

I use the shave horse because, I really enjoy my back hurting! No, well, maybe...I like it because I can get out under the huge Osage shade tree and peel bark and sap wood, then flip the stave on the side and shave a profile.

Thanks guys... sounds like I need to get set up w/ a vise...


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