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Glass recurves


Hey guys, I'm thinking about making a glass 'olympic' recurve. I know nothing about this or laminations or anything. So I am looking for some help and/or direction on how to go about this (thickness of glass and wood lams, what kind of wood, Kind of glue, ect.). I would like to make a 50 lb bow. One more thing, would maple work for a riser?

Pat B:
Sean, Contact Bingham Projects. They can give you any info you need as a beginner and suggest the best formula for the bow you want to build.
   I built a glass longbow a few years ago and called them and got to talk to one of the Binghams and he was very helpful and free with his info. Pat

Man!! Sean, if I lived as close to Wingnut and Jason as you do, I'd be at their shop all the time, pickin Jason's brain. (I'm not sayin Wingnut don't have a brain)  :bigsmyl:

Both good advice, longbows are a little easier for the first tho, IMO .

Some form info here...


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