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Tillering Tools?

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Hey, just about to start tillering my first bow, and I was wondering what the best tools to use are?  I have a Stanley Surform Rasp, a cabinet scraper and some hand rasps.  What other tools are necessary?



You'll need a triangle and chain saw file to work your limb tips and I really like using a farriers rasp for early tillering.

Actually, I do have both of the files.  Thanks.  I realized I have another question.  Do you know of any websites that have tutorials on how to use the cabinet scraper as well as sharpen it?

Thank you for the help,

Pat B:
Dean Torges has instructions about setting up and sharpening a cabinet scraper in his book,"Hunting the Osage Bow". Might be on his website also.
Its pretty easy...square up the edge with a flat file then burnish each edge at about a 2 deg angle(slightly off of flat). This will give you the burr you need.
   I have also just squared off the edge and used it that way.      Pat

Once you realize it'a all about pushing a bur over the edge of the surface, it's pretty easy to setup a scraper. A few good books are always good to have around even if just for reference. Traditional Bowyers Bibles, Hunting the Osage Bow, The Bent Stick, ect.


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