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I'm bad when it comes to cutting a splice. I tried both the W & Z splice and both broke on me. I was thinking if this would work.

L splice then add a handle on the belly & back side of the splice for extra hold. I know I can make that splice, because I did it for something else and it held. It wasn't holding any kind of heavy weight or flex like in a  bow. So what do you think?

Might even have to go with a 2 piece bow, the slide kind.

John Scifres:
I've had some pretty sloppy z splices hold with good epoxy.  I'd say you are better off learning how to do the z splice.  There is about twice as much surface area to hold the weight that bows put on them.

Making a splice is pretty easy but you have to set up right.  Squared off sides and belly are critical.  Patience is too.  Are you laying out your pattern on the billets each time?  It hels a lot to draw it on a piece of paper and then copy it.  Then glue with Elmer's on the billets.

What type of adhesive are you using?  A gap filling one like Urac or epoxy is critical.  Wood glues require a tight joint and unless you are using lumber and are pretty good at cutting, you won't get it.

I was using TB III, my cutting a straight line with my 12" table bandsaw ( with a thin blade) I can't cut a nice line. I do draw it on paper first.

I guess I need  a better bandsaw...

Pat B:
I have made a few "Z" splices, none with very good cuts but none have failed. Like John said, a gap filling glue(I used Urac) is necessary for not so good joints. A backing strip or overlays helps to hold the splice together.    Pat

I'll try it when I get back. Going out of town for a week. I'll be in PA, near fogalsville (sp)


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