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What Rasp?

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Tom L:
Going to start my first "alone" selfbow soon. I need a rasp. I am looking at a farrier's rasp on the Raptor Site. Tell me what you think. I will also need a drawknife. What do you selfbow builders use?

There are some fine (and expensive) rasps out there, like Nicholson #49 & #50, Dean T's hand cut dragon rasp, and others. But, nothing wrong with a farriers' rasp at all. I made several with only a 4 in 1 rasp before I got my first farriers'.

Antique stores are a good place to find draw knives for around 15-30 bucks.

I have the Raptor Farrier's rasp-great tool! The Nicholson 50 works well-I find the 49 too agressive. I agree with Shaun about the antique stores for drawknives, and the auction site too.

Eric Krewson:
My primary rasp is a Nicholson #49, $31 from Jamestown supply right now. I have a #50 as well but like the #49 the best. I like aggressive!

Crimson mist:
I like the shinto rasps for the initial material removal and an autobody file for general smoothing


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