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Ron LaClair:
Gene McGlashen of Stillwater archery was at the GLLI  this year with a booth full of bows. I hadn't seen Gene in a few years and was glad to see he was still at it making his beautiful osage bows. He had some English bows and also a few gorgeous Grumley Replicas. I spotted a beautiful slim little osage bow backed with osage that was just about the weight I like. It reminded me of a bow I had as a youth and It called to me to take it home. Gene had a small shelf and arrow plate on it for right hand but he said he could also put on on the other side and make it a double shelf bow.

The bow came in the mail today and after shooting  a few dozen arrows through it, I think I'm in love again. The work Gene does on the tips is especially nice.





Sweet bow Ron. Thanks for sharing. The craft on the tips is inspirational.

Pat B:
Very nice bow, Ron. I love the way the tips are laid in. Do you know what woods are in the tips? Thanks for sharing your new toy.    Pat

Jack Skinner:
Years ago I got a tape on making bows and a stave from Stillwater it really help me with my early bow making. Love those tips.

wow!! sweet bow ron. i love osage it has something special about it.


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