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Bunny Hunt?

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Gavin Beagles/terriers:
My buddy shot this one over his young dog a few weeks back and we have Been going out as much as possible this year, wondering if people would want to try to set another one up this year?

I haven't been able to make it in the past for this reason or that, but I would be interested in getting in some late season hunting if the timing worked out. 

Gavin Beagles/terriers:
If you want we can work something out for sure, even if it’s not a big group. I have friday/Saturday off between now and the end of February and can hunt any of them as of right now with a few sundays sprinkled in.

DV of WI:
What dates are you thinking? Here in Mankato we are at 12-15 in of snow. Wo would be pretty tuff sledding for the dogs to trail and the snow is hard enough the rabbits can run on top.

Gavin Beagles/terriers:
How would February 4 look for everyone? There’s enough crust on the snow around here the dogs can do fine. Might want to consider snow shoes though


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