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I live in NE Arkansas. Just started making bows. Reaching out to see if there are any other Arkies on here.

Hey Rick,  I lurk around here a lot.  Hope you are enjoying your bow building. We need to get together and shoot.

Bob Z

Hi Bob,

I am at Elmer's old place out horth of Baptist Youth Camp. Still working out of the courthouse. Trying to build some stuff at night.

Have you been working on your shooting or just working on bows?
I still intend to do some hunting at our 40 in Izard county before the season closes, I managed to take 2 nice does with my little longbow this fall...

There is a 3D shoot at ashflat on the 6th of February and I have been trying to practice regularly so I don’t embarrass myself too badly!

I haven't been able to practice, much less work on bows like I need to. I have 5-6 that I would like to get finished.


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