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Club Discount ~The Sound Of The String


Brad Isham:
The Sound Of The String sale to help traditional bowhunting organizations.

Fellow traditional bowhunters, as the club year winds down into the hunting season for most of us, I’d like to make a special group offer to your club from now through the end of January. For fundraisers, end of the year dinners, door prizes, raffles, or gifts I’d like to offer The Sound Of The String to you at almost half the retail price of $18.95. Any club who wants to buy 10 or more copies will get them for $10.00 each plus shipping and as a special bonus for my trad brothers and sisters I will sign them all and personalize them.

I have a sponsor button on the TradGang main page for more information but to get this offer contact me directly at:

Men and women both love The Sound Of The String and I’ve had many husbands and wives read it together. It’s full of insight, full of lessons, and full of traditional bowhunting!

The book is fantastic! For a non-hunter living with bowhunters the story was inspirational and a page-turner.
Vikki Robertson
Robertson Stickbow

"It is informative, entertaining, and holds your attention. It should be in the library of every serious bowhunter."
Bob Seltzer
President, Professional Bowhunters Society

"The Sound of the String" brought back many great memories of bowhunting the African bush. Brad's writing style took me back time and time again... and it was much cheaper than actually going there."
Barry Wensel
Brothers of the Bow


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