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Never Mind this post.

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Terry Green:
OK guys, print this out about 7 times and hide in your vehicle, gear bag, shaving kit, arrow box, and anywhere else you can hide it.

If you have not included your phone number on the number thread on this forum please do so.

Directions .......

From Laredo

59 to fm 2050

Right before border patrol checkpoint turn right

Go down 5 miles to Mills Bennett road take a left

About 500 yards. Gate on the left. Sign Las Cigüeñas.

Come in and close gate please

Guys, its about 50 minutes or so to the check point from the Laredo airport

Correct me if I'm wrong Joe.

smokin joe:
That is correct, Terry.

Terry Green:
Test for Ronnie... made him a mod like the text of you  a while back and want to see if he's  getting these alerts. All 2nd group guys post yes on this thread if you got this email alert thx

Terry Green:
Ronnie changed his email he just told me, so here's test #2. Group 2 please still post yes so I'll know everyone is getting these... thx

Ronnie Newell:
SORRY !!          LOL


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