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Have at it guys!!!

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Terry Green:

I suspect you repeat offenders will want to do sort of like last year, everyone throw in $100 for food and we'll use that till its gon and reup again if need be.

We will just need to find a grocery store in Laredo....

Probably every man for himself the 1st night,  and go into town the next day at lunch to grocer, or go the day we set up and get settled as long as we have time to scout.  Scouting this new ranch the 1st day will be more important that food.  :readit:

I think the Tricksters are gonna do fish one night that will last for 2 nights. And if anyone else is gonna bring something, let us know... Too bad the Chili Meister isn't going to make it this year....That fed some of us for 3 days.

Jump on in guys and post away....

RI Red:
Yes, in for the $100.

100 sounds good to me, I hope the crappie are biting early Jan!.

smokin joe:
I'm in. $100 per person should keep us fed.

Deposit mailed


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