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Hard Earned Trophy - ORIGINAL!!!

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"Rounding up women"? Need any help with that?  :biglaugh:

I think this might be a bogus story,I dont recall going on a hunting trip with you Terry,although I would really enjoy a good hog huntin trip with ya ole buddy ole pal.

Terry Green:
Keith and I were back walking to the last sighting by mid morning and we stopped short by about 60 yards of spot we had last seen the hog.  The plan was for Keith to move on ahead on the logging road and go up about 20 yards past where we backed out  and cut into the laurels, and I was going to ease in at an angle toward the hog to a clearing we could see.  Keith would walk slowly to me while looking for a dead hog, and a dead hog he found.  It was bigger than I thought, and it was a sow kinda built like a boar. I thought it was about a hundred pounds, but it was more like 150.

It was lying pretty much where we'd last seen it, sheltered by the shade of the laurels, and cooled be the stream running around her.  She'd make for some fine eating if we could just get her out before it got too hot.  We'd brought ice along just in case that was back at the truck.

We hurriedly took pics and I gutted her with an Ace Super Express(bonehead me forgot to bring a knife). Then we began our long rugged drag out.  The 1st 60 yards of the trail basically had to be blazed, and Keith did the blazing and moving the bows ahead while I dragged.  Once we reached the logging road we both dragged it to the base of the steep 150 yard incline.  One 40 yard stretch we had to get our footing set and then 1,2,3 HEAVE to move the hog along.  Keith laid his bow down to wipe his brow and his bow went skiing down the hill.

We finally reached our other logging road and felt a great sense of accomplishment, but we still had a long drag to the truck that took us 35 minutes. The ice was ours 1st as we didn't even take any water with us, but had some in the truck, and we guzzled 3 bottles in record time leaving us another bottle to split on the drive out.  That was some mighty fine tasting water to say the least.

Funny, even though the hog died in the middle of a laurel jungle, she died just a few yards of the biggest clearing we'd seen for a convenient.


Here's an uncropped version with the north side of 'Little Cambodia' in the background.


Conquest 1...getting her to the top.  You can see the drop off in the next two pics....



Here's a typical pic of Keith - Just got through dragging a dead gutted hog out of the wilderness and he still looks like he just walked out of a magazine!!!....I don't know how he does it.   :saywhat:  


Yes, it was a hard earned trophy.  And if you don't think a 150 pound hog killed with a longbow in the Cohutta Wilderness is a trophy....well,... I'll pray for ya!!!    ;)

Great story!

Thanks for sharing, nice hog!


Terry Green:
Oh...before I get asked...

70# Thunderstick MOAB - Arrow Dynamics Trad - Abowyer Large Bonebuster head.

I'd gotten some of these heads from Larry about 3 weeks ago and told him I'd try to kill a hog with one 1st chance I got.....thanks for the lucky head Larry!!!


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