9” clip point bowie with Sambar stag handle and silver fittings


I am a custom knife maker in Pea Ridge.  100% of the work on this and any other knives is done by me and only me, by hand, with zero outsourcing, zero employees, and zero computerized CNC tools.  I’ve been making knives for about 8 years now and have had the honor to have my work recognized several times over the years including having it requested to print in Blade Magazine.  10% of all sales from my shop goes to St. Jude Children’s Hospital at the time of the sell and every knife I sell ships with a free Holy Bible and handmade leather bookmark by me.

I also do custom leather at a high level for my knives only.  I constantly get asked to make sheaths and holsters and stuff like that but I wouldn’t have time to make my own knives if I took all of those orders too.

This bowie has ~45 hours of labor into it.  It is made from AEBL stainless which was originally engineered for razor blades and has very high toughness for a stainless that is on par with most spring steels and ball bearing steels such as 52100, takes a fine edge, and is easy to sharpen.  The blade is 9” long with a 13.75” overall length including the handle as was given a 1000-grit hand rubbed satin finish.  All of the hardware is nickel silver that was taken up to a mirror shine.  The front guard has a hammered finish on the guard front and was silver soldered into place.  All surfaces where your fingers touch have been hollow ground and deburred for comfort.  The subhilt finger guard and pommel plate were carved to match the antler contours using my Foredom tool and a series of files in my jewelers engraving ball vise.  The pommel is attached with a ¼”x20 stainless screw that was welded 1” into the tang and the tang extends through the full length of the handle less 1/10”.  Internally the handle was also filled with G-flex epoxy so it isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

The antler used is exhibition grade, federally protected Sambar Stag.  There has been an export embargo and import embargo on this material for several decades now and getting the GOOD pieces like this is extremely difficult and expensive. I’ve seen the better pieces of Sambar sell to makers for more than the more affordable cuts of ivory at knife shows and it is only continuing to grow in value.  It is prized handle material for its color, texture, density, and stability as compared to most other antler types and now is federally restricted from being exported from India but also is restricted from being imported within the US.  It is legal to own, use, and sell as you wish for whatever supply is already within the US and doesn’t require a CITES permit like elephant ivory does, but we can’t get any more.  I wear a large glove size and this fits and balances perfectly in my hand and it suited well for both right or left handed use.  It is an exceptional piece.  I actually made this for myself to use as a pig sticker on a potential upcoming hunt but it seems that trip is not going to be in the cards for me.

Retail on this one is $1200.  I can accept cash or card locally in Pea Ridge, AR.  I can also email an invoice that allows you to pay by card through my merchant services with my bank.  If I need to mail it then I can do so on my dime to you.

WOW  :thumbsup:

That is one nice bowie, something a little different from you other knives, nice, nice, nice......


--- Quote from: mjh on August 29, 2023, 09:29:55 AM ---WOW  :thumbsup:

That is one nice bowie, something a little different from you other knives, nice, nice, nice......

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Thanks. I’m about to be doing a few more unique builds and breaking out of my routine offerings a bit. Hopefully someone will get some good use of this one.


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