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St. Judes Okeechobee Hog Hunt

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sunny hill archer:
In support of my original statements here are my host and his number one guide.

Smarty Marty

And The Bigster

You just can't get good help these days!!!!!

Terry Green:
HA!...RAIL ON EM MIKEY!!!!!!!! Gotta love it!

this is gonna be good!

Bob Walker:
HeHeHe....I think the price of next year's St Judes Piggy Poking Adventure just went waaaayyyyy

Sunny Days are Over Archer- How did you photoshop soooo many chins on me? I'm pretty sure that picture was while Terry was telling me about the first two sits he had. Something about not the right shot angles and spirit walks in the woods.

You guys notice Biggie on the phone? He was calling in for more food- you shoulda seen these guys eat!


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