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Thumper Dunker:
Real nice Longhunter.

Season closes today in ND.  I went out with a few friends yesterday and made some deer drives.  Actual temperature was -36 on the drive to the farm.  The high for the day was -15.  This does not figure in wind chill.  We had fun and got a couple for the freezer.






Went bowhunting this past fall for the first time in 20some years.  Saw one nice 8 pointer that bedded down 35 yds behind the tree for over 2 hrs lol, never got a shot. Missed 2 bucks, a nice spike at 10 yds and a fork at 25 yds, knew the distances just aimed wrong is all.  Hopefully will get better control of my buck fever, legs started to quiver as soon as I seen them, so that I am calmer for the shot.


Terry Green:
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