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St. Jude's Solana Ranch Hunt Officially Underway!!

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:bigsmyl:   Best of Luck to ya.

:thumbsup:    :campfire:

Ya gotta wonder how many will make it to Austin today.....Flight delays and such  TIP-IT..ROB"O"...and the GURU....Where is you  :confused:  

Spoke with Terry he had a 2hr. delay even before he got boarded  :scared:    :scared:  Said he was suppose to be landin for he'd even gotten ta the plane  :banghead:    :banghead:    :banghead:

I'm still sitting in flight leaves first thing in morning...I hope!  Today's storm luckily didn't amount to much, mostly rain at airport.  With any luck, I'll be in Killeen Texas by noon.  tippit

Pace yer self Bud....Got TWO more hunts Back ta Back commin up REALLLLL SOON.  :bigsmyl:    :bigsmyl:  

Glad yer movin  :thumbsup:    :thumbsup:


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