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The Paradise - The Last Stand......

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you think you guys got a long wait i live downunder  :coffee:    :coffee:    :coffee:

This will be good

Terry, I'm sorry for the lost of a family Friend...

Great story so far.

Sorry for your loss.  Thanks for taking us along on the hunt.

Terry Green:
Seriously.....I traded in my 64# MOAB for my 70# MOAB, and switched out my Saquatch for an Ace Super Express....and honed it proper.  I now had more horse power, and an arrow just shy of 600 grains.

I set out again, and just as I went and checked the empty garden, the winds picked up something fierce, and dead trees and branches started falling all around within ear shot.  Thunder was in the close distance, so I headed back to the truck an drove to the Big Sandy(named food plot) to make sure my truck didn't get tree fallen.  Greg Clark had the same idea as he was already there.  It was just me and Greg in camp this weekend.

After the storm passed, we split up to carry out our plans....and the hogs were already in the garden.  The ruckus had started without me, but what more could I ask?........


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