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The Paradise - The Last Stand......

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Great story , Love that Paradise

Terry Green:
Here we go again....positioning and re-positioning...over and over, trying to get an arrow in the biggest one of the lot...but I started to notice the peculiar look of the one I wanted.

This cat and mouse went on and on, till it was all about to happen it seemed.  He was in range and all he had to to was turn...he quartered to me, and back facing me, and I started to take in all the features of this boar.  The best way to describe him was that all the others seemed to have clean clear cut defining lines, and he seemed to be out of focus.  Yeah, that's it, he was out of focus. He had serious rake marks all along his armor, bare spots all along, hair missing from his face, tan rings around his eyes, big fuzzy jowls, and a tall bristly ridge running down his back.....the guy was a wreck let me tell ya...but a brute none the less.  He was a true battle axe, and he was 20 yards from me for TEN MINUTES and no shot was offered!!!  When on rare occasion he turned broadside, he was flanked by the lesser ones blocking a clean shot.

It seemed like eternity that I was settin on ready....all the time with smaller hogs within 12 yards of me.  I was hiding in plain sight the whole time, standing between two saplings with not a big tree around and zero back ground cover.

When they finally got a puff of me, the herd scurried off, and now *I* was a wreck.  With 30 minutes of hunting left at least...I packed it in for some reconnaissance of the morning hunt to come.....

Charlie Lamb:

I also heard the story before and after. Must have been a good hot weekend for hog hunting.



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