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Terry , did ya stay away from those big stickers ( torns)this time??? Sounds like yall had blast , nice , which bow where ya walking with?? nice pics!     :wavey:

Terry Green:
After  getting a pretty good idea of the lay of the land in my general area I set a plan into motion for the final two hours of daylight I had left.....I would check several locals from a distance, and some up close and personal, hoping to bump into some thirsty critters before their evening feed in the light of the bright moon to come.  

I was also wondering what JC and Krister where getting into.....I felt they were in a better place than me for a mixed bag of hogs and I felt my area lent itself more to hogs.

The time soon came to sneak back down my pruned trail to the lake bed for another look into those two drainages.  My approach was easy this time around, and I felt like I was going to be in the middle of the fray at any moment.

With my right foot still in the desert, and my left food just planted into the lake terrain, I spotted movement in the short tan grass to my left....a critter was staring me down...and I dare not move.  Satisfied that I was no threat, this animal proceeded on his journey out into the barren baked earth scrounging for what ever he could find.  At this time I realized that it was a Javie and not a hog. I was in perfect position as he wondered into a perfect opening at about 25 yards...all I had to do was make the shot on this little TX beast.  I watched the arrow sail quickly and disappear two inches over the elbow, and re-appear skipping across the parched earth.

The teeth popping began as he spun in a circle and bounded toward the safety of the desert brush back the way he came.  He only made it past the 1st prickly pear.

As I stood there listening, I was soon confronted by his 'buddies' that had formed a front in a semi-circle in front of me.  they began bolting to and fro and a huffin and a puffin.  The limit in TX on Javies is two a year, and I thought I was going to fill both my tags only moments apart, but those little buggars wouldn't give me a shot, but they sure gave me what for and certainly kept me on my toes for a few minutes.


Wow, what a 1st afternoon of hunting....this was no doubt going to be an exiting long what had JC and Krister gotten into?

Spoke to Kyle at noon and he was near Little Rock, Arkansas........

Said he has some "Fat Boy" stories.... Look out Ben....

Good start bud!!!  Gotta get you one of those little tripods like I carry.......

Good shootin Terry.

  :thumbsup:    :thumbsup:


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