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Gary Kellar:
Here are a few additional photos taken over the course of "The Sweat".

I'd like to tell everyone that made the trip how much I enjoyed getting to know each of you. And for those of you patient enough to allow me to tag along and take video of your experience I'd like to offer a special Thank You! I only wish I could have taken some video of everyone, but three days just ain't enough. Each of you are special in your commitment and passion for the sport and I respect you tremendously.

A special Thank You to Shawn Webb of Iowa for allowing me to capture "The Crawl" on film. It's made for a great deal of entertaining viewing for myself and friends!

Picture of a genuine artifact found by Curtis

Ken from Alaska proves there's more on the ranch that Javy's and Hogs

Took this picture one night of Dave Stinson of Ontario and his thirsty Javy.

Joe Coots of Georgia waiting on the next candidate.

Gary Kellar:
More pic's.

Bob Walker with four critters and a hummer. Two Bunnies and two Hogs.

Curtis with a Javelina. The video of this hunt is soon to air on a local outdoor TV show.

Norbert of California with one of his two Javy's.

The walk-in cooler loaded with fresh Javy's.

Curtis skinning a nice Rattlesnake. One of many taken during the hunt.

Cool pics Gary.  Thanks for posting them.

Real nice! How them Javies taste? I've always heard they were nasty?

Nice hat! I was trying to come up with something smart ass to say about it but I bet you've heard them all already.


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