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So how is your 2015 season going so far

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I had the pleasure of going hunting in the Nason Creek area this September. I was joined by my hunting buddy Dale Holpainen. We had a great time camping near Coulter Creek. I had not been there since my 30th birthday, 37 years ago !!! We saw deer, elk, coyotes, bear, and one really nice 6x7 bull elk. Also numerous grouse. Went up McCue Ridge, over to Chiwacum Lake and also to Lake Ethel in our four days.

We went around the area of the Chalet but did not find it, did find a few old wooden tree stands. It was a great time and really brought back memories of the good old days when that area was archery only.

After that I headed to the Cascades to scare some elk. Saw more people than elk and some A holes stole two of my trail cameras. What is this world coming too ... still had fun and you cannot beat the Cascades in September. Now anxiously waiting for the late season .. Hope you all are having success or at least some good fun.

best to ya, Ken

I blew a shot at a cow in Montana. I shot her for 40 and it was only 33. I killed 2 rattle snakes and cought a grouse by hand after missing twice with the bow. Getting ready for late season. Hope to fill both deer tags.

Dale Sharp:
I was in South Dakota hunting whitetail early this month, where I passed up a 10 yard shot on an old doe Monday, had another bust me from 2 yards Thursday when I tried to draw too soon (as she was stepping out from beneath my tree) and zipped a broadhead through the ribs of a button buck 6 yards away on the last morning, Friday. The table fare will be tender!
So...I can hold out for a mature buck in Eastern Washington in December and not have to drop the string until...

I shot my biggest whitetail yesterday. Very happy!!! It is a 6x4 probably around 120.

I filled my second deer antlerless tag on thanksgiving afternoon. I am done for the year unless Joel gives me a call that the elk are back.


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