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Author Topic: Hunting Alert! Contact Governor Christie Now!  (Read 1295 times)

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Hunting Alert! Contact Governor Christie Now!
« on: June 29, 2015, 06:45:00 PM »
Doc @ TANJ just sent this to me - please help!

Fellow TANJ & Tradgang members ....

Please complete the form on the below link. This is a good bill and we need to get the Governor to sign it.

Thank You,
Gerry Doc DeCaro

To all outdoorsmen and women:

NJOA CF council members are pleased to announce that New Jersey’s Senate and Assembly passed with overwhelming support Bills S573/A2443, “Apprentice Firearm Hunting License and Apprentice Bow and Arrow License”.

The NJOA CF supported Bill, “Apprentice Firearm Hunting License and Apprentice Bow and Arrow License” provides for the safe and responsible stewardship of New Jersey’s natural resources.

Contact Governor Christie and ask him to sign the Bill into law. It is not only good public policy, but also helps protect the future of hunting for current and future generations! Here's a NJOA link with a prewritten letter that can be sent by email (or printed and mailed) to Governor Christie ~


Also, we've listed below some facts and figures for your consideration.

Anthony P. Mauro, Sr
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance (CF)

Bills S573/A2443, “Apprentice Firearm Hunting License and Apprentice Bow and Arrow License”
allow for any person 21 years age and holding a regular license for firearm or bow and arrow hunting, to be a mentor for an apprentice above 14 years of age. The apprentice must purchase an apprentice license, but would not be required to complete the safety course. Thirty-three states currently sell Apprentice or Mentored Hunting Licenses. Two states adopted the alternative approach of simply lowering minimum hunting ages.

The bill would limit the number of times a person may be issued a given type of apprentice license to twice in a lifetime. The mentor is subject to all penalties for violations committed by the apprentice while under his or her direct supervision.

The licenses would expire on December 31 of the year of issue.

More information:  
People 14 years and older can hunt in NJ – unsupervised – with the hunter safety course. This bill will allow those 14 years and older to hunt supervised.

Most hunters are introduced to hunting by a parent. Currently, hunters ages 25-54—adults likely to have children mature enough to be introduced and mentored in hunting—represent a large proportion, 64 percent, of hunters. Parents should be free to decide when their children are mature enough for hunting. Bill S573/A2443 has set the age at 14 years-of-age (in many states the age is 10), with a mentor of at least 21 years-of-age..

“Supervised” adult and youth hunters are “especially safe”. National statistics show that young hunters, particularly those supervised by an attentive parent or other responsible adult, compose a fraction of the hunting-related firearms incidents that occur each year. Researchers found that most youth hunter incidents occurred in the absence of an adult.
Roll Call:
Votes in Senate and Assembly on Bills S573/A2443, “Apprentice Firearm Hunting License and Apprentice Bow and Arrow License”


    Addiego, Dawn Marie – Yes
    Allen, Diane B. – Yes
    Barnes, Peter J., III - Yes
    Bateman, Christopher – No
    Beach, James – Yes
    Beck, Jennifer - Yes
    Bucco, Anthony R. – Yes
    Cardinale, Gerald – Yes
    Codey, Richard J. - Not Voting
    Connors, Christopher J. – Yes
    Cruz-Perez, Nilsa – Yes
    Cunningham, Sandra B. - Yes
    Doherty, Michael J. – Yes
    Gill, Nia H. - Not Voting
    Gordon, Robert M. - Yes
    Greenstein, Linda R. - Not Voting
    Holzapfel, James W. – Yes
    Kean, Thomas H., Jr. - Yes
    Kyrillos, Joseph M., Jr. – Yes
    Lesniak, Raymond J. – Yes
    Madden, Fred H., Jr. - Yes
    O'Toole, Kevin J. – Yes
    Oroho, Steven V. – Yes
    Pennacchio, Joseph - Yes
    Pou, Nellie - Not Voting
    Rice, Ronald L. – Yes
    Ruiz, M. Teresa - Not Voting
    Sacco, Nicholas J. – Yes
    Sarlo, Paul A. – Yes
    Scutari, Nicholas P. - Yes
    Singer, Robert W. – Yes
    Smith, Bob – Yes
    Stack, Brian P. - Not Voting
    Sweeney, Stephen M. – Yes
    Thompson, Samuel D. - Not Voting
    Turner, Shirley K. - Not Voting
    Van Drew, Jeff – Yes
    Vitale, Joseph F. – Yes
    Weinberg, Loretta - Yes
    Whelan, Jim - Yes


    Andrzejczak, Bob - Yes      
    Angelini, Mary Pat - Yes    
    Auth, Robert - YesBenson, Daniel R. - Yes  
    Bramnick, Jon M. - Yes      
    Brown, Chris A. - Yes
     Brown, Christopher J. - Not Voting        
    Bucco, Anthony M. - Yes    
    Burzichelli, John J. - Yes
    Caputo, Ralph R. - Yes    
    Caride, Marlene - Yes        
    Carroll, Michael Patrick - Yes
    Casagrande, Caroline - Yes        
    Ciattarelli, Jack M. - Yes    
    Clifton, Robert D. - Yes
    Conaway, Herb, Jr. - Yes  
    Coughlin, Craig J. - Yes    
    Dancer, Ronald S. - Yes
    Danielsen, Joe - Yes        
    DeAngelo, Wayne P. - Yes
    DeCroce, BettyLou - Yes  
    DiMaio, John - Yes
    Diegnan, Patrick J., Jr. - Yes        
    Egan, Joseph V. - Not Voting
    Eustace, Tim - YesFiocchi,
    Samuel L. – Yes
    Fuentes, Angel - Yes
    Garcia, Carmelo G. - Yes  
    Giblin, Thomas P. - Yes     Gove,
    DiAnne C. - Yes
    Green, Jerry - Yes  
    Greenwald, Louis D. - Yes          
    Gusciora, Reed - Yes
    Handlin, Amy H. - Yes        
    Holley, Jamel C. - Yes      
    Jasey, Mila M. - Yes
    Jimenez, Angelica M. - Yes          
    Johnson, Gordon M. - Yes
    Kean, Sean T. - Yes
    Lagana, Joseph A. - Yes  
    Lampitt, Pamela R. - Yes  
    Mainor, Charles - Yes
    Mazzeo, Vincent - Yes        
    McGuckin, Gregory P. - Yes          
    McHose, Alison Littell - Yes
     McKeon, John F. - Yes      
    Moriarty, Paul D. - Yes      
    Mosquera, Gabriela M. - Yes
     Mukherji, Raj - Yes
    Munoz, Nancy F. - Yes      
    Muoio, Elizabeth Maher - Yes
    O'Donnell, Jason - Yes    
    O'Scanlon, Declan J., Jr. - Yes    
    Oliver, Sheila Y. - Yes
    Peterson, Erik - Yes          
    Pinkin, Nancy J. - Yes        
    Pintor Marin, Eliana - Yes
    Prieto, Vincent - Yes          
    Quijano, Annette - Yes      
    Rible, David P. - Yes
    Rodriguez-Gregg, Maria - Yes    
    Rumana, Scott T. - Yes    
    Rumpf, Brian E. - Yes
    Russo, David C. - Yes      
    Schaer, Gary S. - Yes        
    Schepisi, Holly - Not Voting
    Simon, Donna M. - Yes    
    Singleton, Troy - Yes          
    Space, Parker - Yes
     Spencer, L. Grace - Not Voting  
    Stender, Linda - Yes          
    Sumter, Shavonda E. - Yes
    Taliaferro, Adam J. - Yes  
    Tucker, Cleopatra G. - Yes          
    Vainieri Huttle, Valerie - Yes
    Webber, Jay - Yes  
    Wilson, Gilbert L. - Yes      
    Wimberly, Benjie E. - Yes
    Wisniewski, John S. - Yes
    Wolfe, David W. - Yes
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