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Trad events needing help
« on: August 28, 2012, 05:11:00 PM »
We have some upcoming events that need some MAN/WOMAN power to get things  done!:

   Sept 15-16>>>--> 10 am-5pm  is the state outdoors  expo at Collersmills WMA,
 We  need  volunteers to help man our beginners archery range, 2-4 hour shifts If you can do more all the better ( the range was a big hit with all, to show case real archery) and we could also use some persons to show archery skills/crafts( Chris Hurt will do our trick shooting demo(3 shows) on sat 9-15) anyone that has a skill to show case/demo would be great( I’m showing feather to fletching  kids hands on demo)
 I know this is the 2nd week of the archery season for some.  We need people on sat. 9 am till 5 pm and the same on Sunday  the range will be open 2 hours am & 2 hrs pm between Chris Hurts show on sat and Sunday 2 hours am and 2 hours pm. Doc will be on hand on Sat 15th ,  I’ll be there both days . I will be at our area 8:30 both days to set up(I could really use some help) and I’ll be cleaning up after 5pm.

The second event is one near & dear to our Hearts WOUNDED WARRIOR  DAY Oct 13 at Central Jersey rifle and Pistol >>>---> We, Doc , My son and I will be assisting our wounded vets. In the fun and sport of  all archery.   I will be setting up the range at CJR&P beginning  7:30 am (any help I can get) and the WW vets  will be on site 9:30 till  4pm closing/clean-up.  We ask anyone who wants to help please come 9am(unless you want to help setup 8am) If you want you can come and work shifts 9am – 12/ 12-4pm( we need persons am and pm) anytime you can give would be great!

Just a reminder Sept 8th Black Knights are hosting THE HUNTERS HELPING THE HUNGERY 3d shoot 8am-12 reg. $10 and non -perishable food donations

Oct 21>>>--->   Traditional Archers of NJ 3D shoot & trade Blanket  at WAXOBEE

Thanks for your Help>>>--->
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