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Both my pop ups fell to snow and ice

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Need source for fiberglass rods. Anyone know another source? I contacted Ameristep, waiting for response. The other is a hub style from Atwoods(can't remember name). I can't remember the brand but have recieved no response from them.

Make sure you call Ameristep rather than emailing them. Personal contact will get you better and likely immediate service. I called them when I broke a rod and they had one out for free immediately.

The strings they have in the collapseable rods are crap. Had one break shortly after I bought the blind. It is next to impossible to put the blind up in the dark with this malfunction.

I like the hub blind concept much better. The fabric is still good on both blinds so if I can get the frames fixed I'll be in bussiness for spring turkey.

if you find a source for replacement rods let us know. I had on shatter a couple of years ago. I managed to put a plastic sleave on it and salvage it, but I would rather have a repacement.

I have problems with black bear tearing down and breaking the rods in my Ameri-Step doghouse and I always "CALL" and get them replaced with no problem. Actually, the first time around they replaced them for free, even the shipping was on them. good product and good company to deal with.


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