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string making board?

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Here's some food for thought. I don't use a board at all. Just figure the length of the string you need, add 16" for the twists to that number, and drive two nails into the wall or your workbench at that distance and have at it. Real simple.

Eric Krewson:
You can put some feet on your string board and hold it in your lap easily with the feet between your knees to make strings. I usually sit in a folding chair in my shop and make strings.


Scattershot's idea works if you only make one length, but a board is worth it's weight in gold if you make a lot of different ones.  If you use two nails, just start dropping a strand or two every other twist when you get near the ends--that will taper it off, and look better.


VA Bowbender:
I have not seen a board with a double row of nails down the middle, have you?  It was the only picture I could find to post quickly that would show an explanation.  What would the purpose of two rows be, do you have a guess?

The only thing I can think of would be to make the board shorter, or maybe it was drawn out like that to make it easier to illustrate how the strands are wound off.  I've seen a few different ones, but that's a new one on me.



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