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string making board?

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Mint Hill Mule:
I'm in the process of making a string board. The row of nails on the right, which show the thread count, start with tying the string on the first nail. However, it looks like the first nail is zero on the count. So if your doing a 14 strand string (2colors) 7 of each color, you actually have one extra strand of each color. Because there is a strand of string which is not counted. Is that correct?

I start on the left hand nail (I'm right-handed and go clockwise on the board with the strands).  When you go around and come back to the nails again, you go to the second set--this is actually your first strand (doesn't look like it, but it is).  Wind off a bundle and count the strands--that will prove it to you.


If you start out with zero, then after you make your 1st lap around, go to the second nail, which will be numbered 1.  Then after all your laps and you cut it, you will have the number of strands that matches the nail number.  If you number your nails starting with #1, then you need to go around that number one nail twice.  It will all make sense the first time you do it and make the cut down the center.

VA Bowbender:
Maybe this will help.

A picture is worth a thousand words!  That board is different than mine, but it shows what I meant with the way the strands are wound off.



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