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Well I did it again, went to see my buds at Pequest Valley Archery I walked in was handed a bow shot it  and boy did I buy a sweet Fedora Excellerator 58 used. Anyway can any one tell me the brace height on this baby?How bout the year it was made serial # is R 170036. Thanks folks Tom

Right now it's braced at around 71/8.IT's pretty quiet though.  It shoots a little low tommorrow I'll check the original nock point to see what it is.

Your brace is about right-it is a bit of a personal style thing too. No idea about the serial number-call Mike or Jason they will be able to tell you.

I just bought a used 52" stalker and really like it!!!!!  :clapper:

I emailed Fedora about brace height for my Xcellerator a while back.  I believe it was     6 3/4" from the deepest part of the grip to the farthest edge of the string.  I'd email them if I were you.
Sweet shooting bows aren't they?!
God Bless,


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