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Hey Gang,
   how feasible is it for a nonresident to obtain a bighorn sheep or mountain goat tag in Colorado? How many years are you looking at applying before getting one? How about New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana...? From looking at the Colorado Division of wildlife site, not too many nonresidents get a tag. I'm not sure how many apply, but I am just wondering if it's even worth it. It would also be interesting to hear experiences from anyone who has done it before. Thanks for the info fellas, Matt

Steve H.:
It's worth it if you draw!

In '98 I drew a Mtn Goat tag as a NR and had a great hunt.  You will need three preference points to draw so it's not possible for you to draw until 4 years from now.  I think I went one or two years after hitting three points when I drew.

Idaho probably has the best odds of getting a goat tag BUT you have to buy a non-refundable plicense for around $100 just to apply.  At least it was this way around 6 years ago when I last applied.

A better way to get a tag MAY be to buy a raffle ticket from the various organizations such as Rocky Mtn Bighorn Society.

Or, you can do like I did and just move to Alaska and hunt goats every year!

Thanks Steve- I'd like to hear about some of your goat hunts if you wouldn't mind.

Anyone else have any info. Take care, Matt

Steve H.:
You can read about some of my goat hunting in TBM about three issues ago!

I just noticed you are a student.  HS or college and if college what is your chosen field?

Steve O:

It is feasible; but it is also rare and expensive.  Like Steve H. said, you have to apply for 3 years in CO before you have a chance.  All the other states let you have a chance, albeit a microscpically slim chance the first year.  Some states have preference points, some bonus points, NM and ID are pure random draws.

You could always do like Steve H--move to Alaska and you can hunt sheep and goats every year  ;)


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