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Anyone for 2007 Goulds Stickbow Hunt?

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Hey guys, I have 2 slots left out of a camp of 6 for the Lovett Williams Goulds Turkey Hunt April 13th-20 2007 in Mexico at his El Verde camp. check out his website  I have this week reserved. If you ever want to complete or start your Royal Slam, Lovett has the camp, he's 100%harvest until he meets me!. Go where no stickbow hunters have gone before!!!!  all inquirys to  thanks

Hey Joey, That sounds really good!  Keep us posted on your quest!  I'm assuming you already have the other 4 subspecies to your name?! I plan to do that some day with the long bow!

Come on and join us Doc, start your Traditional Royal Slam backwards! I've got a great group of guys who love and own bird dogs...We'll look the other way if you need to drop the hammer on the 12th hour.....climb out of the snow and let us teach you how to talk slow and southern for 7 days!

Steve H.:

Joey is a great dude and if you are interested in going so far for a tweety-bird (just kidding Joey), this would be a GREAT opportunity to do so.

Joey, that link you posted doesn't work.  Let me know when you have an opening on a hunt where you will be hunting mammals!  wink ; ^ ) wink!

Hello Steve! man ol have come out of the bush! You have speared every mammal up there, now you need some feathers. Schuster is going, I need some help.. Heres the outfitter's site.    Lovett has been doing this for 10 years at this ranch. If your a turkey hunter then his reputation in the turkey circles is familiar...Take care HO!


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