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ups sux w/pics

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jesse cales:
sent this kohannah fury to my buddy chas in pa.
i wanted him to get it before xmas so i said,"what the hay",i'll pay the extra money and ship it ups.
   well,this is what he got.i filed a claim.
found out today that i lost.they said it wasn't packed properly.
    the ups lady told me i could appeal but there is a 99% chance i won't win.
   this WAS a beautiful bow.

I never use UPS. Hard to appeal when they do the deciding to boot.

Yep, been there, done that!  Avoid UPS at all cost!

I'll never use UPS again. I always use the USPS. I've never had a problem shipping with the USPS. Fast and cheap.

Dave Lay:
I am a shipping manager at my work, our company quit ups and went to fed ex.. due to this exact thing, they would almost never pay claims.. always the same thing.. improper packaging, even though it was securely wrapped in bubble wrap or whatever. I had the usps lose my PLV take down widow longbow recently, but they did pay the claim, but as far as I know it has never surfaced.  but you are right about ups!! they I guess, feel they can do what they want..
sorry for your loss,but I would be FURIOUS with them..


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