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De-Boning in Alaska..What you think?

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While this really doesn,t concern me personally how would that work for the back straps? would ya hafta take out the whole spinal colume?What about the lower section of legs?It almost sounds as if you'd hafta pack out the entire carcas.The hind 1/4s would be a big deal but some area's could be a hooves count what about the head other than the skull plate?

It's a shame that some folks had to ruin it by being wasteful.

Steve,do "experienced elk hunter's" take the items I mentioned out or just pop the hip outta the socket and take the 1/4s whole?Not sure where the line would be drawn on this,I try to save as much as possible and hope that someday it won,t be an issue with whitetails here when I,m way out in the swamp.....draggin sucks

Maybe the various state DNR departments need to make videos available showing everyone exactly what they consider adequate, then hold them to it.  I personally think that boned out means lighter, smaller, easier to cool and care for.


It varies in certain units.  Some require meat from the front and hind quarters to remain on the bone and some require rib meat to remain on the bone.  As far as I can tell the backstraps always come off the bone.  This however is not the entire regs for moose. See the link.

 Meat Requirements

The Ursus:
I love it!, packing out a "full" bull moose hind quarter makes me feel alive!  I just hate it when you step in a soft spot and land on your face, it's dang hard to get back up.

so much for feeling alive eh LMAO!  

  Bone out is lighter, can get cooler quicker and if you know what you're doing can help from spoiling a lot easier then a 150lb hind quarter of a moose.   Bacteria is definatly an issue once you start cutting on things however if you can't get it cold bacteria is still an issue!!!  

Unlike most of these guys I prefer to bone out my game more often then not (unless it's small. an easy pack, we have lots of good young backs WILLING to help, the catch there is willing, or lastly the law requires it).


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