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De-Boning in Alaska..What you think?

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Steve H.:
Don't get me wrong, I'd waaay rather not pack bones and about the only time I remember not removing bones was on my buddies caribou in '05 that was 30 yards from salt water and where we could get picked up!

I don't believe I've ever hunted in one of these bone on areas except PRIOR to them initiating that reg.

I believe their logic is that by keeping the amount of meat surface area reduced, there will be less spoilage in our often wet state.

Like Danny pointed out bone sour can be a  bad thing especially on the big boys like moose hind quarters that are hard to get cool as they are so thick.  It's a balancing act.

LOL I see that I goofed "The hind 1/4s would be a big deal..."That should say "wouldn,t" since they'd pop outta the hip socket fairly easily.

I,ve been very happy boneing out my deer and really hope to be able to continue to do so when not close to an easier option like floatin them in the creek.We never used to even gut them untill at least gettin across the creek and outta the muck....sure they float real easy but when ya gotta get em up and over things thru the muck ect the backpac is tuff to beat

Good luck guys


In your preveious post you made it sound like you cannot do as good of a job as taking it out hole.  

Quite frankly when quartering and deboning in the field you can get just as much as if the animal was hanging on your garage.   YOu are however going to loose a tad more due to the crust that forms on the boned out meat VS the meat thats left in tact.

I highly doubt that'll become an issue for us.   THe other option we have in the bone in areas are to cut the quarters in half themselves reducing weight.   And no hoofs are not part of the quarter, you cut them off at the nuckle just like any other deer.

The front shoulder is only held on by tissues and membranes (gotta love the high tech verbage) and comes off very easily.  The hind quarter it's just to easy to pop the ball and socket, being careful of the stomach of course.   Most areas of AK you can bone out the ribs, take the backstrap and tenderloin off, and take the flank meat off also.  I personally like to bone out the neck usually cutting it into two halves, makes life and my back a HOLE lot easier!  After removing the quarters, neck and backstrap, it's time to gut to take care of the ribs, flank, and inner tenderloins.  The process sure makes field care of a moose and really most other game animals so much easier!!!

I dont buy the reach in and snatch the loins out method commonly used out west were ribs and flank meat is not required to be taken.

Lastly, the only meat left on the carcass is due to the person doing the cutting.  AK has obvious strict want and waste laws!  Enough so we try to starve the ravens on our left overs.  If it wasnt for a gut pile the size of a typical whitetail, we'd probably accomplish starving them too LOL.


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