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De-Boning in Alaska..What you think?

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I found a 2006-2007 Alaska guide hunting reg's. booklet and reading through it there was a portion that stated in some units of Alaska it is illegal to de-bone an animal due to waste of meat. Maybe, it is because it could be so far to pack them out of those particular units whereas my farthest for Elk has been 3 miles with no issues. You think?

Tom Leemans:
I would think the less time I spend in bear country taking time to bone out everything, the better off I am.

I think it has to do more with moose hunters who just want of get the meat out so they can take the antlers out, which must be taken out of the field last.  This leads to bad butchering.  Also more meat exposed can lead to more spoilage.

Yep Juneaulongbow nailed it. The areas with this requirement had a history of waste due to lazy trophy hunters that frequented the area. AK F&G figured that this requirement might help reduce this waste. They went this way instead of the other proposal which was to cut the antlers in half thus reducing the so called trophy value. The requirement is sort of a pain though.

Steve H.:
Actually those regs came about in units that had high incidents of meat spoilage over the years.  It was units that have a larger amount of Non-resident use as many people come up here not really understanding what they are up against to take care of pack meat.  Meat lasts better on the bone and stays drier because of less opportunity for bacterial growth.

Obviously an experienced elk hunter will not likley have much issue with these rules.


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