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Big busted up bucks!!!!

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Chad Lewis:
Well, this year was one that I want to forget but the there was a bit of light. I saw the biggest typical ever. Easy 190 inch buck. Well, two days after I saw the buck (that buck breeding a doe of all things) a rancher I know who had seen this buck all summer long told me he saw it, and it's right beam was busted. I said to myself, no way. Well, I was out pheasant hunting this past weekend and saw the one and only. He made it through both rifle seasons but he was totally busted up yet chasing a doe! What a stud. He lost all of his splendor but was still showing his dominance. His right side was gone, totally! His left side had maybe 15 inches of the main beam and one 12 inch tine left. I couldn't believe it, a perfect 5x5 with a spread of some 24-25 inches totally busted up. Next year cannot come quick enough. Found a new place full of mature bucks and two of the four 150ish inch bucks I saw were busted by the 15th of November. I saw may deer with one side only. Question is, do you guys run into busted up bucks much? Funny thing is, this place is all prairie. The only rubs I see are on fence posts and boy are they worn down. If I posted a photo, you'd never think those WT are running around out there.  Below is a photo of one of those busted up dudes I got a shot at this year. He went from a 140ish buck to a 120ish.


Walt Francis:
After seeing the whitetail buck my electrician shot in eastern Colorado last year (rifle) it is easy for me to believe you.  His buck scored 218+ and he shot off 4-5” of one of the g-2’s when he killed it.

Walt Francis

Steve H.:
Overly aggressive bucks?

Thin beams?

Low amounts of a certain trace element?


I've seen lots of busted up bucks on our place. I killed a spike the other nite because a big one that was in, had about 3" of oneside left and several smaller bucks with broken points.


Chad Lewis:
If I was to put a finger on it, it would be lots of mature bucks, and not many does.  It's nice to see areas that are wild, free ranging with such a good structure.

I remember hunting areas throughout my life where the last 30 minutes of light were the ticket. I've had more opportunity here during mid day than late.


I've spoken to you about this before. It sure is a very odd situation seeing big bucks mid day out in the middle of a pasture running around like fork horns.


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